We have refined over the past decade our suite of equity and organizational development workshops into three standard workshop series. These series represent our most popular workshops. Organizations are highly encouraged to complete an entire series rather than request one-off workshops because we have learned from direct experience that a one-off experience does not lead to deep learning or systemic change in organizations.

Racial Equity Workshop Series

Our most popular workshop series takes participants on a learning journey that starts with developing a fundamental understanding of race and racism and culminating with an exploration of personal and institutional actions that advance racial equity.

Workshop #1: Understanding Race and Racism

The introductory workshop exposes participants to the true history of the invention of race and provides a proper definition of race through a power lens. Participants are invited to reflect on their own racial identity through individual reflection and group dialogue. The workshop then provides a systems model for understanding the nature of systemic racism, which equips participants to recognize racism in all of its forms as it manifests in society.

Note: We do not conduct unconscious bias workshops. Our Understanding Race and Racism workshop does address unconscious bias and microaggression as part of a larger conversation on systemic racism.

Workshop #2: Having Generative Conversations on Race

The second workshop will build participants’ competency in having generative conversations on race and racism at work and in their personal life. The workshop will share core approaches involved in setting up a conducive environment for dialogue, facilitation techniques to use during a live conversation, and tactics that are effective at disrupting harmful behavior in conversations and maintaining a brave space.

Workshop #3: Developing a Racially Equitable Organization

The third workshop begins to explore racial equity with a focus on an organization’s internal workplace culture and operations. Participants will be invited to examine organizational values, policies, and practices that uphold racism. The workshop will equip participants with a racial equity framework, which participants will use in a group activity to identify interpersonal and institutional actions that they can take to practice allyship, enact systemic change, and move their organization towards anti-racism.

Workshop #4: Advancing Racial Equity in Communities

The final workshop in the series explores racial equity with a focus on an organization’s external programs. Participants will be invited to examine their organization’s working relationships with external stakeholders, especially communities that it serves, to identify dynamics in the relationships that may be perpetuating racism. The workshop will equip participants with a racial equity analysis tool, which participants will use in a group activity to identify practices that can transform how they engage their constituents and advance racially equitable outcomes in their programs.

Organizational Culture Workshop Series

Our second most popular workshop series takes a deeper look into organizational culture and helps participants reveal oppressive dynamics that perpetuate harm and inequity and identify liberatory dynamics that promote equity and joy.

Workshop #1: Dismantling White Supremacy Culture

The first workshop will support participants to examine a peculiar set of organizational norms, collectively known as White supremacy culture (or White-dominant culture), that can show up in organizations. The workshop will utilize anti-racist educator Tema Okun’s seminal article on the topic to explore different White supremacy culture characteristics that serve to maintain White dominance and oppressive, inequitable dynamics in workplace settings. Staff will be invited to reflect on how these characteristics may be showing up in their organization and how staff members are impacted by them in both similar and different ways based on their racial identities.

Workshop #2: Building a Regenerative and Liberatory Culture

The second workshop will continue where the first workshop left off and invite participants to envision an alternative to White supremacy culture. The workshop will utilize Daniel Lim Consulting’s unique Regenerative and Liberatory Culture framework to explore regenerative and liberatory practices that can cultivate deep inclusion and belonging in the workplace, advance equity, and overall create a healthy and joyful organizational culture.

Note: We do not conduct conventional inclusion and belonging workshops. Our Building a Regenerative and Liberatory Culture workshop addresses inclusion and belonging through a broader framework that looks at an organization’s entire workplace culture.

BIPOC Affinity Workshop Series

Our BIPOC Affinity Workshop Series is only open to Black, indigenous, and other people of color and designed to provide them with a safe space to develop their capacity to heal from internalized racism and racial trauma.

Workshop #1: Healing Our Bodies from Racism

The first workshop will support BIPOC participants to develop a greater awareness of how their physical bodies hold experiences of racism. Through interactive somatic scanning and embodiment practices, participants will hone their ability to heal from racial trauma and tap into the intelligence of their bodies in racist situations to guide their decision-making and action towards safety and health.

Workshop #2: Healing from Internalized Racism

The second workshop will provide participants with a proper understanding of internalized racism through a power lens. Participants will be invited to reflect on how internalized racism and its psychological consequences such as imposter syndrome and self-denial have shown up in their work and personal life. The workshop will equip participants with effective practices for recognizing internalized racism when it occurs and, using the somatic practices learned in the first workshop, taking alternative actions that promote sovereignty and personal and cultural authenticity.

General Information

Custom Workshops

The three workshop series described above represent our standardized workshops, which we offer at our standard rates. We regularly design and lead custom workshops on a whole range of racial equity, DEI, and organizational development topics that are not covered by the three workshop series. We are able to provide custom-designed workshops to suit a client's particular needs and learning objectives for a slightly higher fee.

Workshop Duration

Each workshop is typically 2 hours long. They can be customized to be 3 hours, 2.5 hours or 90 minutes long. We do not normally conduct 60-minute workshops as that is not enough time to present content and give participants an opportunity to engage in an activity or group discussion.

Group Size

Our preferred maximum group size is 25 participants per workshop with an absolute maximum of 30 participants.

Workshop Format

We are experienced in conducting in-person and virtual workshops. We use our own Zoom account.

Training Approach & Philosophy

Learning Mindset

We take special care to design educational experiences that accommodate a wide range of familiarity with racial equity and organizational development discourse. We approach training as a space for learning and having authentic conversations about challenges with which an organization may be struggling. We establish conversation agreements and employ other techniques that encourage participants to speak courageously, be open to saying the “wrong thing” and making mistakes, while at the same time holding oneself and each other accountable in a compassionate way.

Centering intersectional BIPOC Voices

We center the voices and needs of Black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) who have historically experienced racial harm, especially BIPOC who experience multiple forms of oppression such as classism, sexism, and ableism. We take a “race and” approach so that while we focus and center the needs of people of color, we are also making sure that all people are able to give voice to and help shape what a regenerative and liberatory organization looks like.

Multimodal, Experiential Learning

Our workshops make use of multiple modes of education including presentations, somatic practices, affinity spaces, group conversations, and individual reflections because we recognize that different people learn through different modes. We draw on participants’ direct experiences so that they can connect workshop contents to real life.

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