Organizational Culture & Equity Assessments

Our consulting engagements often begin with a comprehensive assessment of a client organization or program. Our assessments take an in-depth look at an organization’s workplace culture, staff's equity competencies, internal operations, external programs, and supporting policies and systems to see where and how oppressive dynamics, inequities, and conflict might be present in an organization. We then find assets and opportunities for advancing equity and building a strong team culture. Our assessment findings often inform our subsequent consulting, training, and facilitation activities.

Strategic Planning for Equity

The important work of strategic planning involves guiding our client organizations through a process of defining desired outcomes for racial equity and a regenerative and liberatory organizational culture, articulating values, and formulating a roadmap of strategies for achieving such outcomes. We believe that process is just as important as the end product. Our people-and-process-oriented approach strives to be inclusive of all stakeholders and catalyze rich conversations in which questions are as important as the answers. This helps build trust and enables generative conflict and difficult conversations to take place. The result is a strategic plan that is nuanced and flexible while describing a clear path for change. Please note that we do not do general, organizational or programmatic strategic planning.

Organizational Change

Following an in-depth assessment and strategic planning process, we use our expertise in racial equity, organizational development, and systems change to recommend organizational changes that advance equity. We work closely with organizations to design leadership and management structures, communication and decision-making processes, and conflict engagement protocols that advance a regenerative and liberatory workplace culture. Similarly, we work closely with organizations to design external programs that advance the sovereignty of oppressed communities and shape relationships between the program staff and program participants rooted in interdependence and equity. We subsequently lead and manage the implementation of such changes in partnership with our client organizations. Guided by our values, we ensure that organizational change initiatives involve every stakeholder’s participation, move at a pace that builds trust and safety, engage in generative conflict, and maintain transparent and accountable communication and decision-making.

Resource Creation

We develop handy tools and guides that support organizations to continue their social justice learning and do their work in a more regenerative and liberatory way. These resources are completely customized to each organization’s needs. We have developed a wide variety of resources including project management tools, decision-making guides, conflict engagement guides, racial equity competency learning tools, social justice language handbook, social justice training modules, and guides to applying an equity lens to one’s work.

Language & Communication Development

Language is an important facet of social justice work because the words we use reflect our beliefs and attitudes. We know from experience that shaping language is a powerful leverage point for shaping people’s minds. We support members of an organization to articulate a shared vision, clarify their mission, and identify the values by which they work. We are partners in crafting language that accurately communicates an organization’s intentions in equity initiatives. We help develop shared vocabulary so that all members of an organization can better understand each other in their equity efforts.



Retreats are a powerful way for a team to take a step back from their daily workload and engage in deep reflection and big-picture thinking. We design and facilitate retreats of all kinds from quarterly planning and strategy retreats to annual team development retreats. Our consultants are adept at facilitating both in-person retreats (when it’s safe to do so again) and virtual retreats in ways that inspire participants to engage, build camaraderie, and feel nourished at the end.


Regeneration and liberation work requires radical imagination and bold action. We facilitate powerful visioning conversations that inspire people to speak courageously to the future they truly desire in their hearts. We guide organizations to articulate their values, add richness and complexity to their conversations, and find group alignment towards a shared vision.


We facilitate executive director circles, network gatherings, and other convenings that support capacity-building and group development. Our convenings are thoughtfully designed in collaboration with stakeholders to ensure that the atmosphere we create is inviting and provides space and time for rich conversations and deep relationship-building to occur organically among participants.


We facilitate high-stakes meetings that would benefit from outside, expert facilitation, including the meetings of an organization's internal racial equity or DEI committee (which goes by many other names). Our main role as meeting facilitators is to design safer and brave spaces in which all participants are able to speak honestly and be heard, listen deeply to their peers, and make decisions together.


Ritual and ceremony are an important mode of inner and social transformation that speaks to humans from all cultures. We draw on Chinese-indigenous and other earth-based practices from our team’s heritage to design rituals that support groups, especially Black, indigenous, and people of color, to build solidarity and community, honor and find strength in one’s ancestors, and heal oneself and the land.

Community & Stakeholder Engagement

Programs and initiatives that are intended to benefit the public require strong community engagement in their design and implementation. With years of experience in community organizing and community-based planning, our consultants train organizations to integrate community engagement into all aspects of their work. We facilitate community engagement events that center the voices and leadership of Black, indigenous, and people of color and ensure that we are reaching the most marginalized populations. We support organizations to eschew paternalistic, community outreach strategies and recognize themselves as a member of a wider ecosystem in which they are expected to participate in reciprocal partnership.



We design and conduct workshops that build knowledge and skills in our five practice areas. We take an experiential learning approach in which we draw on participants’ direct experience to give context to our training so that the learning really sticks and participants are able to apply their learning more easily in daily practice. Check out our Workshops page to see our most popular workshop offerings and learn more about the nature of our workshops.


Our consultants coach executives, organizers and managers on practicing regenerative and liberatory leadership. Our coaching meets clients where they are on their learning journey. We guide them in identifying self-limiting beliefs and other barriers, practicing compassionate accountability with oneself, and taking actions that are manageable and meaningful. Please note that we offer coaching as a standalone service to individuals and not part of larger consulting engagements with client organizations.

Speaking Engagements

Daniel Lim is always excited to speak to your constituencies about the work our team does and the latest thinking and practices at the forefront of regeneration and liberation work. Consider inviting Daniel as a keynote speaker, panelist, and moderator at your next event.

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Daniel Lim Consulting is a social justice consultant team that partners with organizations to advance racial equity and build regenerative and liberatory cultures.