Our work is grounded in a Regenerative and Liberatory Culture framework

A regenerative and liberatory culture describes organizational cultures—and really, all social systems—that promote the flourishing of life and uphold the sovereignty of all living things.

Regenerative and Liberatory Cultures:

Commit to equity and justice

Practice decentralized leadership and autonomy in action

Demonstrate a proclivity for self-organization and collaboration

Engage in transparent decision-making

Maintain open communication

Assert healthy boundaries

Support processes for generative conflict

Promote individual and collective well-being

The Regenerative and Liberatory Culture framework grew out of Founder Daniel Lim’s knowledge of regenerative living systems and his experience in social justice organizing. Although the framework is unique to us, the ideas underpinning it are widely shared and have been known for thousands of years. In fact, a regenerative and liberatory culture is called such because it is deeply informed by the scientific and indigenous knowledge of living systems, which teaches us that regenerative systems operate on the principles of autonomy, cooperation, and reciprocity, and by Black liberation and indigenous sovereignty movements, which teach us to strive for liberation beyond equity and healing through generative conflict and accountability.

We Define

Regenerative as "being in right relationship with all our relations—human and more-than-human—so that our mutual existence contributes to ever more life on Earth"

Liberatory as "being in right relationship with all our relations—human and more-than-human—so that all of us have sovereignty and agency over our own lives"

The framework serves important purposes and guides every aspect of our work. It functions as a powerful analytical lens by which we can examine and come to understand how White supremacy culture and other forms of supremacy thinking lead to exclusionary, oppressive, and life-denying organizations. The framework is also a visionary roadmap that supports us to imagine and build organizations that promote deep belonging, justice, and affirmation of life. The holistic framework helps us move beyond conventional DEI and connect racial equity to broader issues of organizational development.

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Daniel Lim Consulting is a social justice consultant team that partners with organizations to advance racial equity and build regenerative and liberatory cultures.