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There are several ways to get in touch with us depending on your needs. Check out your options below.

Services Request Form

If you are interested in hiring us for consulting, facilitation, or training services, please submit a services request form. The request form is an opportunity for you to articulate your issues, needs, and goals, which will help us have a more streamlined and powerful conversation about how we can best serve your organization.


In most cases if you email us with an inquiry, we will direct you to submit a services request form. We recognize that there are still many cases when you would want to reach out to us directly, such as when you have an RFP that you would like to send to us.

You can email us at for all general inquiries.

1-Hour Paid Consultation Call

Many organizations know they want to advance equity, but do not know where to start or even what language to use to start talking about their intentions. They're in the planning stage and need some guidance to figure out what their first or next steps are. If your organization is in this stage of its equity journey, you may be interested in signing up for a 1-hour, paid consultation call with our team. During this planning call, we will listen deeply to your organization's issues, needs, and goals, and help you figure out what you need to do next to initiate or advance your equity journey. Below are some common scenarios appropriate for this type of consultation call:

  • You are designing a request for proposals (RFP) for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) services and you need help crafting the framework and language for your RFP
  • You have equity challenges you want to address, but you don't know whether workshops, facilitated conversations, conflict mediation, or strategic planning is the appropriate solution
  • You're planning to hold workshops but you want to figure out if the workshops should be for all staff members or target a specific group such as your leadership, board, or program staff
  • You're starting an equity strategic planning process and you need help thinking through which stakeholders to involve in order to ensure that your process is inclusive and equitable

This consultation call is not appropriate for problem-solving your organization’s equity issues or concerns. If you have a specific equity challenge that you're looking to address, please consider hiring us for any of our full-scale consulting, facilitation, or training services.

If a short consultation call is what you need at this moment, we invite you to sign up using the form below. The fee for the consultation call is $250. If this cost is prohibitive for your organization, please reach out to us at to discuss sliding scale options. Once you have completed the sign-up and submitted payment, you will be provided with the link to schedule a 1-hour consultation call with us. We will then follow up with you via email to share a conversation guide that will help you prepare for the call. You may invite up to 4 other colleagues to attend the call with you.

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Daniel Lim Consulting is a social justice consultant team that partners with organizations to advance racial equity and build regenerative and liberatory cultures.