Who We Are

Daniel Lim Consulting is a social justice consultant team that partners with organizations to advance racial equity and build regenerative and liberatory cultures.

We are a queer people of global majority-owned company located on the stolen and unceded lands of the indigenous Canarsie-Lenape people, now known as New York City. We are certified as a Minority-owned Business Enterprise (MBE) by the settler colonial City of New York and State of New York.

Our Vision

We envision a future when Black, indigenous, and people of the global majority, women, queer, trans and nonbinary people, working-class people, people with disabilities, and all our more-than-human kin are free. We envision a future in which the lands, oceans, and skies are healed and humanity's relationship with the earth is rooted in cooperation and reciprocity.

Company Origin

Daniel Lim Consulting, or DLC for short, was founded by Daniel Lim in 2012. Daniel started DLC because he wanted to work at the nexus of three of his biggest passions—social justice, ecological regeneration, and organizational development. He saw so many organizations struggle with a lack of diversity and institutional racism. Daniel recognized that racism and other systems of oppression, ecological destruction, and ubiquitous organizational challenges such as toxic workplace cultures and dysfunctional leadership were all intertwined and stemmed from the same source—supremacy cultures that were fueled by our collective spiritual estrangement from the earth, each other, and ultimately ourselves. Daniel saw an opportunity to apply ecological design thinking to issues of social justice and organizational development. He developed a consulting practice rooted in a Regenerative and Liberatory Culture framework to help organizations go beyond conventional diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and build truly regenerative and liberatory organizations inspired by living systems.

Working Values

The way we do our work is guided by four core values:

Reconciliation with the living earth. Supremacy thinking and the systems of oppression it creates are inherently anti-life. Our regeneration and liberation work must align us again with the dynamics of the living earth and renew our sacred relationship to all our more-than-human kin. When in doubt, we ask, “What would nature do?”

Centering Black and indigenous voices. We believe that Black and indigenous liberation are the key to all of our liberation and that groups most in tune with the impacts of oppression often hold the solutions towards our collective liberation. For this reason, we center the voices and leadership of Black and indigenous people in our social justice work.

Moving at the speed of trust. We strive to be partners to our clients on their regeneration and liberation journey rather than pose as top-down experts. We move at the speed of trust because trust ensures that our work endures. We define efficiency not by how quickly we arrive at a change, but by how much the change endures. We take care to be inclusive of all stakeholders and strive for transparency and collaborative decision-making.

Compassionate accountability. We build safer spaces that are oriented towards learning so that all of us can receive patience, kindness and the room to make mistakes and learn from them. This helps preserve our mutual humanity. At the same time, we recognize that oppression has caused real harm and trauma to countless generations. We remain vigilant of people’s potential abuse of their positions of power and hold everyone accountable to any harmful behavior.

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Daniel Lim Consulting is a social justice consultant team that partners with organizations to advance racial equity and build regenerative and liberatory cultures.